OSM(Valhalla and Overpass) docker services are stopped abruptly

Hello Team,
My OSM docker services are stopped abruptly in my aws ec2 machine. I hosted the valhalla and overpass services for North America, Asia and Europe continents.
The ec2 machine configuration is 8 vCPU, 64GB RAM, 1 x 1875 AWS Nitro SSD, Up to 12 Gbps Network Bandwidth and Up to 10 Gbps EBS Bandwidth.

These services are working fine when requesting for less GPS data(~1000-5000 GPS) but when requesting through batch jobs where the GPS points are more than 5000 then all the docker services are stopped abruptly.

Please help me how to overcome this issue?
Do I need to increase my system configuration ? or else Is there any cleaning procedure which can clean the memory after every request to these services?


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