OSMAND - Why are some natural=peak not labeled w/ name=*

I have noticed that in some cases OsmAnd (on Android) labels a natural=peak with the value of the name tag, for example:

Is labeled “Mount Sherman (4280)” (4280 is the value of the ele=* tag)
This is the behavior I would expect.


Is simply labeled “4349.9” (4349.9 is the value of the ele=* tag)
I would expect that this be labeled “Quandary Peak (4349.9)” or
“Quandary Peak (4350)” (rounding of the ele=* value)

What doesn’t seem to matter:

  • The value of ele=, some lower peaks are labeled with the value of name=, while higher ones are not.
  • Whether the peak node is part of a way that is a trail.
  • The prominence of the peak (i.e. its ele=* relative to the peaks around it).
  • The presence or absence of wikidata=* and wikipedia=* tags.

I want to be clear that I am not attempting to “tag for the renderer”, but if there is some legitimate information missing, I would like to add it; if there is a bug with OsmAnd I would like to report it; and if I am using OsmAnd incorrectly, I would like to learn how to use it correctly.


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