Osmose-Error for natural=cliff + leisure=pitch - How to handle?

I get the error in Osmose: “Should be polygon, part of multipolygon or not having area tag” for ways that are tagged with natural=cliff and leisure=pitch at the same time. These are also always tagged with sport=climbing for me, as they are natural rock formations for outdoor climbing.

The wiki recommends leisure=sports_centre for this.

However, I am unsure whether only exchanging the leisure value would solve the problem or whether osmosis would then kick in again.

An alternative would be to open a ticket at Osmose and explain there that natural=cliff + leisure=pitch can exist at the same time, if climbing=sport is also used.

Also an alternative would be to tag the leisure=pitch with climbing=sport as a node in front of the natural=cliff, so that both would be separate.

What would be the best solution?

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