Out of left field: roof:est_height

Been estimating building heights and roof heights for longer when these are deemed (by me) as incorrect from the standard extrapolation, e.g. an apartment building with 5 floors and a ground commercial/retail floor I estimate as 4.5+5x3 (the standard assumption), + whatever a roof height by approximation, which can be from very low angle sloped to skillion, low gabled, or normal etc. Whenever heights are estimated I enter, if not forgetting, source:height=estimated as a tag in use since about 2014 See source:height=estimated | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo

Yesterday in a discussion est_height popped up (never encountered myself) and now see on an object which I mapped last week a change to roof:est_height for the top part. Looking in TagInfo shows 13 uses. So, what’s up with this as I see no actual discussion of estimated height tagging of recent, some comments like ‘I never use height tags on buildings’ or something with that intend.

It’s wurscht to me, but it would have been nice if there actually had been a write up of this rather than a shoehorn.

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