Overpass QL: search area composed by unioning multiple areas?

Using Overpass QL, I want to search for objects within a contiguous area composed of multiple adjacent areas. Specifically, I want to search within the “central city” of Sacramento, CA, but in OSM there is no single area representing the central city (since it is not an official designation). However, there are multiple neighborhoods represented as place=quarter that, if unioned, together represent the central city.

Unfortunately, I can’t come up with a syntactically correct query:

  (area;1170990297); /* marshall school */
  (area;1170990296); /* midtown */
  (area:1170990301); /* New Era Park */
  (area:1170990298); /* Boulevard Park */
  (area:1170990302); /* Mansion Flats */
  (area:1170990303); /* Alkali Flat */
  (area:1170990299); /* Downtown */
  (area:1170990295); /* Southside Park */
  (area:1170990294); /* Richmond Grove */
  (area:1170990293); /* Newton Booth */
) -> .central_city;
) -> .parking; 
.parking out center;

Is it possible to union multiple search areas in this way?

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