Overpass: Sum the values of a tag in every object in a set


I’m trying to write a query to count how many residential units (houses + appartments) there are within every suburb of this small municipality, which has 5 ‘suburbs’.

For the sake of simplicity in this thread I’m assuming there are two kinds of residential buildings:

  1. Those without “building:flats” tag are assumed to be 1 residential unit per building.
  2. Those with “building:flats” tag, then extract the tag’s value and add it up to the total.

Below is the code:

// Count residential units within every suburb of a municipality
[out:csv(name, total)];
{{geocodeArea:Maristela, Laranjal Paulista}}->.a;

// select suburbs

// for each suburb

  // select and classify buildings
// for each apartment building
  make counter n_apartments = 0;
  foreach.apartments (
    n_apartments = n_apartments + t['building:flats']; //**ERROR
// print stats
  make stat name = suburb.set(t["name"]), total = houses.count(wr) + n_apartments; //**ERROR

I’m getting error in the lines 18 and 21. The variable ‘n_apartments’ is read as “Unknown type” even though I’ve used ‘make’ to create it as a counter. I’ve tried to get around to it, but no avail.

Any help is appreciated,

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