Overpass vs. specific API for static web site?

Dear community,
I am fairly new to OSM and the Overpass API. I am working on a quite static web site that lists features of train stations like taxi stands, ticket machines, ticket offices, bike and ride station and so on.

At the moment I am maintaing a REST API for that web site and a back end that consists of osm2pgsql and a pgSQL database to serve the web site with the respective data.

I am wondering if this setup is to much overhead for the purpose at hand. It might be more reasonable to maintain a pgSQL database and an Overpass API.

However, I am not sure if the Overpass API is a good fit for this use case.

Imagine I provide an API with this train station.

At the moment I am using SQL queries together with pgsql and postgis to return features like B±R, P+R or ticket office that are inside a certain distance to the train station. The web site presents the response of the HTTP GET request as a list of train station features.

Do you recommend to continue this way or is this a use case for the Overpass API?

Are there any best practices for this use case?


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