Pedestrian-centric maps?

Most of the maps I’ve seen based on OSM data are for driving, cycling or hiking.

Even the tagging scheme is car-centric. Highway=primary, secondary etc. is given according to how important a road is for long distance travel, that is, mostly by cars.

This doesn’t work well for pedestrians.

Look at the map of a major European city, and there is a good chance that some of the most important thoroughfares - such as Princes Street, Edinburgh, or Boulevard Anspach, Brussels - are barely visible. This is because they have been closed to cars and (correctly) mapped in OSM as highway=unclassified or pedestrian.

I’m looking for a map style that doesn’t make the width and colour of a road depend on how important it is for cars. Ideally it should take into account areas, width, sidewalk tags, etc.

On rural roads it could show verges and shoulders usable by pedestrians as well as the sidewalk tag, footway surfaces, etc.

This could also serve as an incentive to better map pedestrian infrastructure.

Is there a map like this?

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