Pedestrians on nordic pistes

When dealing with a nordic piste, I recently stumbled on the tag “winter:foot=no”, which was apparently meant to convey the fact that pedestrians are asked (by way of a sign) not to walk in the piste when it is groomed.
Obviously, “winter:foot=no” does not make a lot of sense, and I was unable to find an established convincing alternative.

@Langlaeufer suggested, as an idea, foot:conditional=no @ snow. This seems to me the most sensible tagging because an amount of snow that deserves being mentioned usually leads to these pistes being groomed.

However, while foot:conditional=no @ snow exists in the database a few times (I checked in Germany only), none of these instances is related to pistes.

So is there any established tagging for cases where pedestrians are not allowed when a piste is groomed?

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