"Pencil tip" intersections

My work area (Visalia, California) has been worked on by TeleNav mappers modifying intersections between dual carriageways and cross streets whose carriageways merge at the intersection, and they now have the characteristic “pencil tip” style recommended in the second main section of Intersection Modeling | Mapbox. I have several issues with this mapping style:

  1. It’s visually unattractive. (Subjective, I know.)
  2. It misleadingly suggests the dual carriageway continues beyond the cross street.
  3. It makes a mess of turn restrictions.
  4. Adding traffic signals (which ideally go before the intersection on dual carriageways IMO) or crosswalks is nearly impossible on the pencil tip side.
  5. As executed in Visalia, higher-level classifications which should end at the cross street extend through the pencil tip, which seems completely wrong.
  6. It’s inconsistent with Mapbox’s own third recommendation for Y-shaped intersections on the above linked page, which explicitly discourages pencil tips.

I know it’s apparently better for routing, but it’s bad data IMHO. This seems like “tagging for the router”, and perhaps the routers need to adjust to the data rather than the other way around? That also leaves the question of what the “correct” way of drawing these intersections should be.

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