Penonomé municipality tries to get in contact

Recently the Municipality of Penonomé (Coclé, Panamá) decided they would get in touch with OSM. They did so by asking the local Colombian OSM Chapter. The president of the chapter, Fredy “Humano”, “Buscando Dragones” (I do not know his OSM user name, and I didn’t spend much time to look for it), wrote to one of the two Panamanian Telegram groups, where he found @Alvarado2510 available to realize the contact, which Fredy handed over to @Alvarado2510.

I asked Fredy to know some detail of the letter he received from the Municipality, and I was invited to ask @Alvarado2510. I also inquired as why he wrote to that group instead of perusing the official channels, and I was invited to ask the Latam community.

For the future, please review the database history to look for concerned mappers.

Anyhow, whatever was done is done. Now, if @Alvarado2510 wants to share the task with the community, we can try to help him. Please consider that I’ve been resident of the Penonomé municipality for 6 years, I know the area fairly well, and can use some contacts if necessary.

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