Phone= tag formatting in the US, +1 NXX NXX-XXXX vs +1-NXX-NXX-XXXX vs?

I am once again foolishly attempting to standardize the formatting of a tag. I presume there’s been some discussion about which is preferable etc.

Standard formatting makes it easier to discover actual data entry issues and direct folks more cleanly to things needing human intervention and investigation (phone numbers missing digits, etc).
I have a set of validator rules that standardize to the all dashes form but that just happened to be the most common in the dataset I first pulled (King County WA I think?). I am happy to modify them to whatever the consensus is.

I will not be attempting to solve way folks tag extensions at this time.

Just for fun, here’s a list of the various formats that are most common in my experience:

(213) 456 7890
(213) 456-7890
+1 (213) 456-7890
+1 213 4567890
+1 213-456-7890
+1 2134567890
213 456 7890
213 456-7890
213-456 7890

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