POI quality and usage – any corporates contributing?

I’ve been contributing to POI data for probably two years now, but as a map user I honestly find it quite hit and miss and lacking.

Why is that, and what could be done to improve it?

It’s only updated if there’s someone like me in the local area, but even me have only really been able to “complete” two shopping streets in my city in Oslo, Norway.

Tellingly, Overture Maps chose to use OSM for the street data, but not the POI data.

A lot of people pointed out that the POI data of Overture had mediocre quality. While that is true, they do at least have coverage in places OSM do not. If you know the name of the place you can at least find it

I’m not sure how this can become better, I’d think that a prerequisite would be that corporate users like Uber, Grab, DiDi, TomTom start contributing.

But that may not happen as they are not allowed to combine datasets. Hence you have a chicken and egg problem: The dataset is not usable until it is complete…

The street data fundementally have the same problem, but that is easier to edit remotely and may be more stable in contrast to POIs, such that it overcame this hurdle

So I’m starting to question if it’s really worth it to continue update POIs in OSM and my time would be better spent on other efforts?

Are any corporate users using and contributing to the POI dataset today?

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