Positive Feedback & Complaint About Moderators

Hello OSM Community,

I’d like to address a recent experience I had with a thread I created. While my initial approach was in bad faith due to heightened emotions, the interaction allowed me to see firsthand the varying moderation styles. In this thread, I’d like to commend one moderator for their professionalism and also raise concerns about another.


First, I’d like to appreciate @iandees. Their initial remarks highlighted some issues with my commentary - which I have challenged. Upon further clarification from them, I was able to understand and rectify my missteps. Their approach led to a deescalation of the situation, prompting me to edit my responses for a more respectful tone. Kudos to @iandees for maintaining objectivity and professionalism.


My interaction with @WarpathPeacock, however, left me disconcerted for multiple reasons.

Quoting out of context

In one instance, they isolated my quote, “With respect, are you closing issues for stats?”. Without its surrounding context, the standalone quote presented me in an unfairly negative light. To ensure clarity:

Given your 1st response under that post, you anticipated further discussion, yet you closed it down. At the time of posting, I believe, you were the only person who noticed it. With respect, are you closing issues for stats? ref.

In its entirety, it’s apparent that I was not rashly accusing, but rather challenging a pattern I observed.

Unwarranted Thread Closure

I found the closure of the thread questionable. Labeling it as an effort to cool things off was misleading, especially since there was merely one new post in the preceding 24 hours. This action felt more like an attack in my direction and abuse of power than an actual deescalation effort.

Misrepresentation in DMs

During our direct conversations, @WarpathPeacock’s claims, like my supposed refusal to distinguish between “budgeting” and “spending”, were inaccurate. My initial assertions were based on public data available at that time. To claim that I lack understanding based on revelations made much later in the discussion felt both misleading and injurious.

Alteration of the Thread Title

The decision to change the thread’s title post-factum distorted the essence of my original concern. While the revised title might echo the later revelations in the thread, it misrepresents the initial context and the premise upon which I based my concerns.

Closing Thoughts

While I deeply respect the tireless efforts of our moderators, it’s paramount that we hold ourselves to a standard of fairness, transparency, and objectivity. Feedback, both positive and constructive, is crucial in ensuring that we continue to foster a culture of open dialogue, mutual respect, and community growth.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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