Possible access to Qld Govt data

A while back, I mentioned that I’d sent a message directly to the Qld Premier asking if we could be allowed access to use all Qld Govt Open Data, & I just got a response from the Open Data Office!!!

In part, they’ve said:

"Rather than make assumptions about how to appropriately satisfy your request, I thought I would reach out to you to discuss the most direct way that we can attempt to attain the necessary variations from the standard CC By licences.

I am committed to having Queensland Government open data being used for the most public benefit, so if you’re available for a chat, online (we generally use Microsoft Teams) or in person (I’m assuming you are still based on the Gold Coast), I am happy to arrange something to help me to coordinate considerations by the right people as soon as possible"

OK, so what do we need to ask for?

Could it be as simple as a document saying that they grant OSM unrestricted use of all Qld Govt Open Data?

Also mentioned on Discord.

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