Possible undisclosed import around 부안읍 by ynrk

I recently came across some very detailed mapping around 부안읍 Changeset: 89859044 | OpenStreetMap
If you zoom in you notice that every house has an address and there are a lot of POI (compared to other regions in Korea). Also every individual field seems to be mapped. This all seems to by the user ynrk.
The source of the addresses seems unclear (in the changesets there is just Bing or Maxar) and especially in some countryside locations for some farmyards it seems quite unlikely that it was done by survey. To me this looks like it was imported from somewhere. I know that the POI could have been retrieved from the Korean Data Portal, which has certain datasets cc0 like licenses, but the addresses of the houses aren’t available under a compatible license as far as I know.

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