"power_supply=yes" to mark cafes/public spaces with laptop charging spot

The wiki page for the “power_supply” tag suggests that there’s no clear consensus on how to use this tag Key:power_supply - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Initially I’m interested in this because I want to mark all cafes/public spaces in my area with places where I can sit with my laptop+charger and work.
While searching for ways to do so, initially I came across “key:socket” or “Tag:amenity=power_station”, but those are clearly used for charging stations for elecric bikes&stuff

Then I did find out about “key:power_supply”. And not only that - I found out somebody is already using it in combination with “amenity=cafe”.
I’m new to OSM so I’d like anyone with more experience in the community to tell me whether I’m on the right track, or there’s a different approach to this, or there’s no good solution for my problem.

Thank you to anyone who helps!

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