[Pre-RFC] Honesty Boxes, Roadside Stands, Booths


During a discussion the German OSM community forum (in German), a problem arose that no one could really solve satisfactory. How to properly map and tag honesty boxes? This is not a RFC, but rather a place for discussion

For the uninitiated: A honesty box is often found in rural/remote places. Local residents, farmers, shopkeepers et cetera offer goods with some sort of weather protection. There oftentimes is a box where you put in the cash you owe them for taking their goods. No one is around to verify this, it is trust based. Hence the name. Mapping them is valuable for hikers and locals alike.

Here are Wikimedia Commons images.

Here is a list of examples and the way they are tagged:

The wiki does not specify a way of mapping.

I think we should agree on a common mapping scheme and document it in the wiki. As far as I can see, there are at least three different approaches:

  • Adding the tag payment=honesty_box to the existing object (vending_machine or shop=farm?)
  • Adding the tag amenity=vending_machine, self_service=yes
  • A new amenity, like amenity=honesty_box or amenity=sales_booth,…

And to get a quick overview, here is a (non-representative) poll:

Click to view the poll.

(I will try to update the text with opinions from the comments.)

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