Problem with vandalism and 2 DWG members

Here is an experience I would not wish to any contributor! After all, most of us volunteers are not tied to any commerce for OSM, pouring our heart into sharing information.

With several tens of evidences listed below (OSM data, videos/photos, discussions, third-part feedback, etc…), I would like to expose vandalism in my country and how the moderation has been mishandled by woodpeck and SomeoneElse with total lack of logical judgement, transparency and mediation, leading to: tampered and loss of OSM data, personal degradation, unjustified accusations/blocks but letting a vandal going on, I’ve always corroborated my contributions, see harassment list, censorship, woodpeck criticizing data whereas he has no clue and dictating what is “needed”, see SHARCRASH blocked by woodpeck | OpenStreetMap vs my evidences backed up by videos, photos, third part people and listed CS.

This started May 2021, I faced a conflict with a contributor. Despite discussions, I discovered he lied about tracks and paths he claimed outdated. We reported each other, I provided evidences to DWG. While woodpeck would investigate we were only allowed to edit places surveyed recently. Good, my sole wish was a fair resolution. It didn’t happen that way at all! Even though I provided proof I had been on terrain, I got blocked again and the vandal persisted. See message:

Same message but with clickable links:

I had also provided my notes with GPS coordonates:

Months were passing, no investigation conclusion was ever given! Things escalated, I was resolute to defend facts and expose tampered data on fixmes with explanations… Data here:

I got censured with the excuse it was ad-hominem comments. How can it be so if I demonstrate issues directly on data backed up with explanations?! Moderators don’t even understand its definition or conveniently misinterpret it: ad hominem definition - Google Search or Ad hominem - Wikipedia

Now woodpeck wants me to cooperate with a vandal who lies and betrays, makes undiscussed wide country changes, created 8 accounts, creates sock-puppets to fool moderators and more… otherwise I will get blocked again. Clearly this person is unstable and not trust worthy. Why should I?!

About the vandal, he is on his 8th account, latest active being Kugelbaum among others dormant used as sock-puppets. This account is not from a beginner, there is specific tagging reveals this, the user started contributing around Diekirch city, that’s where the vandal lives. The accounts:

  • ex tomolobla, first user name when the conflict arose, deleted since 2021.08.12, now user_3961358
  • ex Capslock_Cleaner, allusion to my nickname which is an anagram of the SHARC processors, deleted, now user_13908570
  • ex Digital-circle, created 13.01.2023, deleted now “user_18267930”,
    he has deactivated all paths i had restored, some visible on the links i share in this post
  • grauwutayette, created 13.02.2023 still active, 1 CS, on this note he shows my block Note: 3518956 | OpenStreetMap
  • eyasonu, created 24.03.2023, 0 CS, saying here Rock glaciers retagged as moraines - #14 by eyasonu I’m Krako73, a user who apparently was changing mountain features in a region i never edited, and Digital-line a French/Belgian contributor since 2017, it happened we made edits at the same time.
  • Arepa, created 07.08.2023, 0 CS
  • ex ltwo, created 06.10.2023, account spotted and blocked by woodpeck in late November 2023, the only good action woodpeck ever did in this conflict, deleted, now user_20416707
  • Kugelbaum, created 30.11.2023 and trying to fake his identity via Streetcomplete or iD but still deletes highways.

If I would have only 1 example to show as evidence of this vandalism it would be the following here below. In fact, I have more than THIRTY evidences listed! Some of them he reversed himself his decision.

Personal surveys along some third part confirmations:

Third part contributors or others confirming falsified data

Sources by third parts

Edits on entire countries:

Harassments from woodpeck, SomeoneElse

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