Proposal for Wiki Amendment: Village vs Hamlet Classification and Thailand-Specific Rule for place=hamlet

I would like to submit a request for a revision in the Thailand wiki concerning the classification of villages versus hamlets. Since the latest Thailand wiki update, it is suggested that all officially recognized villages be labeled as place=village, while smaller non-official settlements are typically categorized as place=hamlet.

The challenge arises from the absence of official information, unlike higher-level classifications. Village names often lack official sources, making it difficult to ascertain this information. Consequently, many mappers opt to downgrade a village to a hamlet based on the global wiki definition, which relies on their smaller size (Tag:place=hamlet - OpenStreetMap Wiki).

However, the criteria are ambiguous and can vary by country. Therefore, I propose the establishment of a Thailand-specific rule for place=hamlet, regardless of official classification, given the limited availability of such information in 99% of cases.

Since we also lack population information, and settlements can exhibit diverse demographics, ranging from elderly individuals staying alone to thriving communities with large families (2-4 children per household), I suggest considering the definition of a maximum number of houses (e.g., 10 or 20 or ?).

I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

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