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The RFC period for the addition of a rating system for adaptive mountain bike trails is about to end. (It’s been waiting in comments after more clarity on how to render required me to get permission to use pre-existing Adaptive MTB symbology from the creators of the rating system that I feel is the best for OSM’s one thing=one tag.

For those unfamiliar with adaptive biking it’s typically the case that trikes not bikes are used which present odd opportunities with things like camber/tilt which can mean IMBA green trails and be less adaptive friendly that IMBA blue trails because of the angles used in berms/turns. The other key thing is mountain bike trails already have a good and understood rating system for trail difficulty which this is not seeking to replace. What adaptive riders really need to know before they hit a trail is how much support will they need, for some no assistance is needed while others will require a lot of assistance.

Although I don’t want to tell an adaptive rider there are trails that they can’t do there is also a point where the activity ceases to be mountain biking and starts to become mountaineering so there is a recognition of some level of cutoff built in as well.

Likewise, the initial and most basic level of rating uses a MOST statement because different abilities and bikes can make things easier or harder so an additional rating for ALL was also added as an add-on. There likewise was an add-on for un-skippable technical features as we realized that a bridge or tree gate that isn’t even seen as a “feature” for a non-adaptive rider can because of how narrow they are become an adaptive specific technical feature that requires caution that other mountain biking rating systems don’t capture well.

Much more detail is provided in the link below if you see a change add it to the Discussion section, at the bottom of the ‘Proposal Page’. At this point I’m mainly looking for feedback from the map rendering and routing perspective but all input is welcome.
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