Proposal to add the 🍿 emoji as a reaction

I propose that we add the :popcorn: emoji as a new reaction option on our forum. This emoji would serve as a way to indicate that a post or comment is perceived as potentially contentious or controversial.

The point of this emoji isn’t to stir up drama, but more like giving a heads-up that things might get interesting. It’s a nod to those threads where opinions start to clash big time, and a gentle reminder for everyone to keep it respectful and on point. I think that this emoji could add a little fun to some of our discussions.

The :popcorn: allows participants to express that they are watching a debate while not taking a stand on a controversial position (and therefore the existing up/down/laugh/heart emoji don’t really cut it). It’s a way to engage with a thread in a neutral way without dismissing anyone’s opinion.

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