Proposal: Undo 4 year old parcel import in Dallas TX

A largescale (and as best I can tell undocumented) parcel import was done by user Mark@MJS | OpenStreetMap about 4 years ago across a bunch of edits. That user has been inactive for 4 years. User @citrula brought this import up in the OSM-US slack a few days ago and there is renewed enthusiasm to clean it out of the database.

While there have been edits to various portions of this in the intervening months (ex: a park parcel may now have address tagging), the vast majority of items are small ways with place=plot and version 1 or 2 (another user did a bulk tag adjustment at one point). My plan is to move through chunks of the city removing things as I go and determining if any extra details need to be extracted/moved. I may set up a project on the OSMUS task manager to help track things but that may not end up being necessary.

I plan to do this myself over a series of edits but others are welcome to join. I will start this work sometime next week presuming there are no unresolved objections.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Concerns?

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