Propose a new communication channel for considering cultural attributes in OSM editing

I propose a community to discuss and consider cultural similarities and differences acrs cultural spheres when editing and contributing to OSM.

There are differences as well as similarities between each culture.
Their differences and similarities are not based on national borders.

In my opinion, OSM and the nationally divided OSM community are unfortunately flawed in their ability to clearly reflect and take into account these similarities and differences. The division by country is not the problem, it means that it fails to consider cross-country cultural factors. So, to compensate for that, I think a new community is needed for discussions between cultural spheres.
Therefore, rather than focusing on a specific country with a large number of contributors, I believe that culturally specific communication is needed to more clearly reflect cultural similarities and differences.
To add a bit more, while policies may vary by country, the nature of cartographic features is culture-specific, especially when it comes to historical landmarks.
So I think it’s better to talk about it in terms of cultural backgrounds rather than just geographical continents, and that’s why I’m proposing to create a new community.

My terrible English prevented me from telling you all about the need to create a new community.
I understand that some people may question the need or utility of a new community.
I respect those opinions, and if you have any further questions or need clarification, please feel free to ask me or we can discuss it together.

The new community we’re organizing is here.

  • There will be many grammatical errors because I wrote this article relying on my terrible English skills and machine translation. Please accept the big meaning rather than the small expression.
  • Please be considerate of users of other languages and write your comments in plain language.

Some examples of cultural divisions

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