Proposed bot edit: remove `project=opensidewalks` and `project=OpenSidewalks` in USA

I want to remove, with a bot edit, project=opensidewalks and project=OpenSidewalks from OSM objects within USA.This debris is fortunately not used nowadays but it encourages other mapping projects to start using graffiti tags to mark what they “own”. In addition, this tags are absolutely not needed anyway to identify sidewalks - you can use footway=sidewalk footway=crossing and so on.

See project=opensidewalks | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo and project=OpenSidewalks | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo

See also project=opensidewalks / project=OpenSidewalks · Issue #9 · OpenSidewalks/OpenSidewalks-Schema · GitHub - OpenSidewalks people seem fine with it

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