Proposed import: Hoppin points

The Flemish MOW department has asked if we could provide info about the new Hoppin points in OSM. Basically, Hoppin points are places that facilitate going from one transportation mode to the next. For example there might be at least two of: bus stop, train station, bicycle parking or rental, car sharing, …
These are clearly branded with the Hoppin logo, which always should feature a sort of central column (information point). The current idea is to simply import these columns as points. In the future, the various modes that belong to the Hoppin point could be joined in a site relation.

There is a WFS server where all the data can be downloaded and easily filtered based on the status (we only want the ones that actually exist): &OUTPUTFORMAT=JSON&TYPENAMES=hoppin:hoppinpunt&SRSNAME=urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG:31370

A proposed tagging schema is available here. I would definitely add something like ref:hoppin with the identifier from the official source, to make future automated edits easier.

Since it is just the import of nodes, there are hardly points mapped yet (for lack of a data model until now), and the data is very new (and I’ve been told quite precise), this could be a relatively easy import. I propose a simple data conversion script and then a bulk import with JOSM.

Any thoughts & comments?

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