Proposed import of All the Places data onto existing grocery store POIs in the US

Hi all,

Over the last week or two I have been working on prepping some All the Places data for import into OSM, following preliminary interest in the OSM US Slack #imports channel. I have limited the data to grocery store chains in the US only. This post is to formally solicit feedback and community approval before I proceed with importing the grocery store data only. Of particular note is that I do not plan to overwrite existing OSM key/value pairs except for the brand:wikidata tag. I also do not plan to add, remove, or move OSM objects based on this import alone, but will create separate MapRoulette challenges to resolve those issues as I identify them.

I have documented my process for the import in much greater detail in the OSM wiki:

Import/All the Places US data

All the GeoJSON files I plan to use are available in my Github repository in the /data folder here: atp-import. Github has a handy built-in GeoJSON viewer if you want to peruse quickly.

Much more information is available in the Wiki page but feel free to ask about anything I haven’t addressed. Two outstanding questions I’d appreciate feedback on, besides the usual:

  1. How large (geographically) are people comfortable with the changesets being, and are people comfortable with me uploading multiple brands within one changeset?
  2. How would people want me to notify the community as I move on to other commercial sectors (I have hotels planned next)? A new topic, or just new post in this thread?

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