Proposed import of buildings in Montreal


I am proposing to import the City of Montreal’s contiguous building outline dataset, parsed into individual building outlines and with out-of-date buildings removed using the City’s Property Assessment Roll dataset. Both datasets are sourced from the City of Montreal’s open data portal.


This is the wiki page for the import:éal/Imports/Bâtiments
This is the source dataset’s website:
The above source, containing the contiguous building outlines, has been parsed into individual buildings and has had stale data removed with the help of the following data:
This is a file I have prepared which shows the data after it was translated to OSM schema (conflated with OSM data as of January 21, 2023):


I have checked that this data is compatible with the ODbL.
This data is distributed under CC-BY-4.0. Please see the following links for more information:éal/Imports/Ville_de_Montréal


The dataset contains contiguous building outlines from the City of Montreal, parsed into individual building outlines and with out-of-date buildings removed. Buildings that intersect with existing OSM buildings were also removed. This import would total just under 137 000 individual buildings. All buildings were simply tagged as building=yes and also include a tag for the source linked above. Conflation, i.e. removing buildings from the import which would intersect with existing OSM buildings, will be repeated once more on the day of the import in QGIS. Using JOSM, the data will then be converted to an OSM XML and uploaded in chunks of 9000.

Next Steps

Please let me know of any issues. If there aren’t any, once the delay stipulated by the import guidelines passes, I plan to proceed with the import.


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