Proposed import of Contra Costa County, CA Address points

CCC Address Import

Hello OSMUS, and CCC Mappers, I am proposing to import the Contra Costa County Addresses dataset, sourced from Contra Costa County Department of Information Technology GIS group.


This is the wiki page for my import:
This is the source dataset’s website:
The data download is available here:
This is a file I have prepared which shows the data after it was translated to OSM schema:


Works by California Governmental Agencies should be in the Public Domain, under State law. However, the GIS Disclaimer contains the following line: NOTE: “THIS DATA CONTAINS COPYRIGHTED INFORMATION OF THE COUNTY OF CONTRA COSTA” Which is really confusing.
I have emailed the county more than a week ago, and I have never heard back from them.
The data SHOULD be licensed under Public Domain.


  • I came up with the idea after I noticed that no addresses exist in CCC
  • Zyphlar helped me a lot with preparing data
  • Writeup can be found in the git repo linked above
  • The dataset will be imported by Frigyes06_Import using JOSM
  • The formatted dataset is 97 Megabytes, it contains only Address points
  • Conflation will be aided and carefully reviewed using the conflation JOSM plugin.
  • Data will be carefully validated by me, and aided by Mapwithai JSOM Plugin

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