Proposed import of The HIFLD General Manufacturing Facilities dataset

HIFLD General Manufacturing (Florida)

Hello, I am proposing to import the General Manufacturing Facilities dataset, sourced from HIFLD, in the state of Florida.


This is the wiki page for my import:
This is the source dataset’s website:

The data download is available here:

This is a file I have prepared which shows the data after it was translated to OSM schema:


I have checked that this data is compatible with the ODbL.
This data is distributed under public domain.


The General Manufacturing Facilities dataset provides data about factories and headquarters in the US. The dataset has 162,185 objects last I checked, but the current plan is to start by adding the data only in Florida, which totals 5,905 objects. I want to set up a maproulette task where users can review individual objects, and add to OSM after cleaning any issues.

The tag translations as listed on the wiki:

NAME name
PHONE phone
ADDRESS addr:*
CITY addr:city
STATE addr:state
ZIP addr:postcode
PRODUCT product
WEB website

The Changeset tags as listed on the wiki:

Key Value
comment Importing Facility from HIFLD General Manufacturing Facilities
import yes
source HIFLD
source:url General Manufacturing Facilities
source:date 2021-03-15
import:page HIFLD/Commercial - OpenStreetMap Wiki
source:license PD

No conflation process has been done on the dataset, contributors will be expected to review if the object already exists, and add metadata or not import the object if already present.
These are the instructions I plan on giving on the MR project:

1: Visit the website, if one is provided, or sleuth using the internet to verify if the company is still operating
1: Verify address is correct, and the street is correctly formatted to match the name of the street on OSM.
3: Verify the object is in the correct location on the correct facility
4: Verify if the object is a factory or other type of facility, and change tags appropriately.

Don’t try to guess where a facility is located. If it’s not possible to figure it out, mark the task as too hard.

Please take a look at the GeoJSON provided and share your thoughts.

–James Crawford

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