Proposed mechanical edit for conditional maxspeed keys

Follow up from Should keys like maxspeed:wet be discouraged and maxspeed:conditional used instead? where there seemed to be approval for discouraging these tags.

I am proposing to retag the following keys to conditional restrictions:

  • maxspeed:seasonal:winter to @ winter (3707 uses), voted as deprecated
  • maxspeed:winter to @ winter (213 uses)
  • seasonal:winter:maxspeed to @ winter (123 uses)
  • maxspeed:seasonal:summer to @ summer (153 uses)
  • maxspeed:summer to @ summer (11 uses)
  • maxspeed:wet to @ wet (870 uses)
  • maxspeed:children_present to @ children_present (924 uses)
  • maxspeed:flashing to @ flashing (52 uses)
  • maxspeed:snow to @ snow (14 uses)

n.b. I am not including maxspeed:night because it is region dependent on whether it should be @ (sunsest-sunrise) or @ (dusk-dawn)

Please react and/or comment here. Thumbs up reactions will be taken as approval for the idea.

See full details here: Mechanical Edits/arrival-spring/Moving maxspeed conditions to conditional - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I will give at least two weeks (until at least 26th July) for comments before going ahead.

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