Proposed mechanical edit to remove `is_in:suburb` from Australia

I’m planning to bulk-delete all the deprecated is_in:suburb tags from Australia. Taginfo reports that nearly 30% (3983 of 13946) of the global uses of the key are in Australia, and almost all of those are in western Sydney. (I can’t open Vespucci in north-western Sydney without being inundated with deprecation warnings on every street way. :woozy_face:)

My understanding is that the various in_in:* tags were helpful before there was a way to properly define administrative boundaries. But since the admin boundary relations were added, these tags are redundant and sometimes incorrect. (Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood.)

So my main questions on this post are:

  1. Are there any objections to doing a bulk deletion of every is_in:suburb (and related alt_is_in:suburb) key within Australia?
  2. Should this be expanded outside Australia? I only have knowledge of Aus mapping so I can’t say if the tags are equally redundant in other areas of the world.
  3. Are there any other is_in-related tags that should also be removed? Taginfo reports many variants in use in Australia, and I’m not yet experienced enough with OSM to know which ones are still needed.

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