Proposing new less confusing shop value for shop selling dry food (beans, rice, dried fruits...)

shop=grocery is currently recommended value for such places but this is highly problematic due to significant different use of shop=grocery for small supermarkets for example in USA

I want to propose shop=dry_food for shop selling dry food to have clear value without ambiguity and completely different use across world

Open questions:

Is any of terms I proposed is somehow suboptimal or problematic or can be better? I am not a native speaker?

what should be done with pieces in USA marking small supermarkets? Using shop=grocery as it is done now on some cases will be at least highly confusing

what about shop selling only some specific product? We have shop=rice shop=spices and shop=nuts already.

Should we also have say shop=dry_food dry_food=dry_fruits ? Or is separate top level shop value preferable shop=dry_fruit`?

Personally I would prefer shop=dry_food dry_food= subtagging rather than wild array of shop=dry_beans shop=lentils shop=couscous as top level shop values.

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