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anybody has an open contact line to the team?

in the past I have attempted to inform them of one case of false positives, but did not get ACK and the false positives are still there. All routes in the area have hail_and_ride segments. they also have sheltered bus stop, but that’s only a weather convenience.

now I also have a false negative.

false positive: a route being marked as invalid because of unknown role ‘hail_and_ride’

false negative: a route being marked as valid, despite the sequence of segments implies driving against a oneway road.

I’ve contributed #33 and #46 to the Issues · geofabrik/osmi_simple_views · GitHub site, but I’m not sure what goes on there. I’ve downloaded the code, to have a look at it and possibly propose a solution to my issues, and it seems that the whole route validating logic has not been published.

am I looking at the wrong place?

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