PTNA: comparing two GTFS feeds

I’m currently working on comparison of two GTFS feeds with respect to consequences for OSM

I was thinking about what could be good indications for a change in a route:

  • number of route variants has changed
    • but even if the same: variants could use other stops
  • total number of stops has changed
    • but even if same: stops could have been replaced by other stops
  • number of different stop_id has changed
    • e.g. stop has same stop_name but other platform (stop_id)
    • also: stop_id has been fixed
    • but even if the same: sequence of stops could have changed
  • number of different stop_name has changed
    • also: stop_name has been fixed (abbreviation expanded, …)
    • but even if the same: sequence of stops could have changed
  • sequences of stops have changed - using md5 over the data
    • using stop_id
    • using stop_name
    • using stop_lat / stop_lon
  • start and end date changed

I did not consider route_id and trip_id in the analysis, they might be stable in one GTFS feed, they might always change from version to version in other feeds.

First code handles an overview on all routes in two feeds - a single Web page with no further activities.
You may select two routes and click on “Compare selected Routes” but that’s not implemented yet.


I would be happy receiving comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas, …

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