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Help to tag it right.
It is located in a building, could have different compartments owned by the same company. Each compartment is accessed with different tickets for different prices. Opening hours, gender access & services are also could be different.

For exmple:
Building is called Moskovskie bani
Inside it has:
Compartment #1 is called Common, it has showers, russian banya & sauna.
Opening hours Su-Tu 09:00-21:00 for males only, Fr 09:00-21:00 for females only, Su 09:00-21:00 for both genders.
Compartment #2 is called Lux, it has showers, hammam, russian banya & 2 saunas.
Opening hours Su-Tu 08:00-22:00 for females only, Fr 08:00-22:00 for males only, Su 08:00-22:00 for both genders.

Proper tagging scheme is appeciated.

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