Query ran out memory/using more memory than expected

I’m trying to get a road object at a certain coordinate. So I use a coordinate + .000000001 to define a bounding box and I get the following error. My code can pull a bounding box with the default coordinates from the example on the wiki but cannot otherwise. I’ve also tried expanding the RAM but I shouldn’t need to do that.
The coordinates:
“42.524007933730296”, “-83.55793322299957”
overpy.exception.OverpassRuntimeError: runtime error: Query run out of memory using about 16282 MB of RAM.
I’m using python and the overpy module:
import overpy
api = overpy.Overpass()
f2 = float(42.524007933730296)
f1 = float(42.524007933730296)+.00000000000000000001
f4 = float(-83.55793322299957)
f3 = float(-83.55793322299957)+.00000000000000000001
qS1 = “[out:json];way(”+str(min(f1,f3))+“,”
qS2 = str(min(f2,f4))+“,”
qS3 = str(max(f1,f3))+“,”
qS4 = str(max(f2,f4))+“);out;”
queryString = qS1+qS2+qS3+qS4
result = api.query(queryString)

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