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I have been working through address additions using the ESRI National address database feed for Phoenix AZ. While doing this work, it’s very common for me to clean up other oddities in tagging that I run across (typos, old tags that have better modern tags, etc etc). Another user in the area and I are having a discussion about two particular issues [in this changset] (Changeset: 144310324 | OpenStreetMap) but I want to make sure we both have broader consensus before continuing.

There are at least 2 issues that need resolving:

  1. Do we think it is appropriate for buildings in the United States to have addr:country=US or is this tag unnecessary?
  2. Do structures that explicitly not have addresses need any address tagging? I had removed a bunch of tagging (addr:city, addr:postcode etc) from various outbuildings and other structures.

I don’t feel particularly strongly about item 1 but would love to know what the general feeling is. To me it’s unnecessary and given the language in the addr:country wiki page and similar sentiment in the is_in wiki page I presume it could safely be discarded.

For item 2, I feel pretty strongly that items like Way History: 847835130 | OpenStreetMap should not have any addr: tagging. In the same way that tree nodes likely shouldn’t have address tags.

Anyhow, I come seeking wisdom. Thanks for any advice you can provide on the topic.

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