Railway "superroutes"

Someone has created an object in OSM for a “mediterranean railway corridor”. This relation meanwhile comprises 18k members. It all started a couple weeks ago here: Changeset: 135032098 | OpenStreetMap

I think that this is a classic case of “wouldn’t it be great to have an OSM object to match this Wikipedia article” and I think it should be deleted. In case you cannot retrieve the object through the web site due to timeout, here are its current tags:


Firstly, the wiki page describes a general “corridor”, while the OSM object describes a very concrete collection of railway tracks. There’s a conceptual mismatch here. I don’t see how this is verifable at all. Imagine standing with another mapper at a small railway station and arguing which of three tracks should be the one that is part of the mediterranean railway corridor?

Secondly, as is the case with all such huge relations, any time someone makes a small edit to a piece of track along the way that splits or unions two ways, the relation will receive a new version and that user will have to upload another 18,000 member object to OSM which will be integrity-checked by the API - this makes editing slower and will, in a short time, create hundreds of new relation versions.

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