Rainy Lake super relation


There has been some discussion a changeset and OSM US Slack about how Rainy Lake on the border of the US and Canada is currently mapped. It currently has 16 multipolygons that are members of a ‘site’ super relation: Relation: ‪Rainy Lake‬ (‪12311888‬) | OpenStreetMap

Existing discussions:
Changeset: 132263642 | OpenStreetMap (note that the super relation actually pre-dates this changeset)
(there is also one more short thread in OSM US slack #tagging, but my new user 3-link limit is preventing me from posting it)

From most of the folks that have participated in those discussions, it appears that the general consensus if that the lake should be mapped as a single multipolygon and not as a super relation of multipolygons – which is consistent with other large/complex lakes in the area like Lake of the Woods and Lake Superior.

I was planning to make that change, however wanted to post here to give a wider audience a chance to weigh in before moving forward.


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