(re)define the residential tag list

I would like to start a discussion about the values of residential=*. I started to document some of the most used but I noticed that most values are not used correctly, mainly due to the fact that the list of values is never officially documented (I also posted this on the wiki talk page where it was last discussed in 2011).

Some things I noticed:

  • Most misused seems to be residential=urban. The wiki defines this as highrise but you can see this tag being used for urban in general, including areas of small apartments and single family housing.
  • residential=terrace also seems to be used for rows of single family houses and small apartments.
  • That residential=* is used as subkey for building=* while there is building_type=*

Would it be an idea to have the following main values?

  • apartments: For apartment buildings (low and highrise) and deprecated urban. The urban tag is to general and overlaps a lot with apartments
  • single_family: for detached, single family houses (deprecate detached)
  • terraced/terrace: terrace was the most used so I used and documented that but maybe terraced is better.
  • duplex: for 2 attached houses.
  • lots of smaller one but the above seem to be the most common to me.

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