Recent Alaska place= reclassification

While researching place= values for the sister thread on New England place classification, I checked the situation in Alaska for some worst-case counter examples.

Specifically, the city of Nome, Alaska, with a population of 9,835 in the latest census estimate from last year was, until a month ago, coded as a place=city. It is so remote that it isn’t even connected to the North American road network, though it is certainly the most significant settlement in the Seward peninsula and would normally be depicted in low-zoom maps of the state.

This edit re-classified Nome to place=town along with a handful of other place node changes:

While we’re discussing what to do on the high end of density in the New England thread, what should we do on the low end? Do we promote most-significant but very remote places in order to indicate their relative prominence?

I’m inclined to restore these place nodes to the long-standing status quo, but I offer it up for discussion.

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