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I can’t find a clear answer to my question in the Wiki so I’m raising it here for discussion. Some link roads are tagged with a ref and some are not. I was under the impression that link highways (motorway_link, primary_link, etc.) were not supposed to have a ref, e.g., the ref of the highway they connect to yet some link roads in Thailand have them. In the past, I have not added refs to link roads.

see this:Wiki Highway-link

It is helpful when traveling with GPS guidance to see the ref of the highway displayed on the screen. But our mapping hasn’t been consistent. Another facet of this issue is that many times I’ve seen unnamed link roads that have no ref tag displayed as “Left turn on Primary Highway”, even though the road is obviously a linking highway. The mapper has for some reason decided not to use the link tag at all.

So, my question is, how should these linking highways be tagged?

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