Regarding excessive LIDAR micromapping in Luxembourg

Hi community!
There is one issue which is quite noticeable in Luxembourg and I’d like to start a discussion to find a consensus with the community of what should be done with that - user @SHARCRASH for quite some time (3+ years at least) was adding a lot of cliff lines all around Luxembourg and near it’s borders.
For example, it is very noticeable in different forests, for example here you can see for yourself the state of the map because of that, here and here.
If we zoom in, you see how it looks like in this place.

I deleted a bit of them half a year ago, which lead to reverts and big and heated DMs to me of why I’m in obviously the wrong. You can also read details of why this user was blocked repeatedly, especially the last one. So this thread is kinda the solution @woodpeck was talking about there.

Let’s decide if there is any value of keeping/adding any kind of such edits on the map, and how is it affects the end-users of OSM, who see all those cliffs all over the map in forests right now, or should they be partially/completely removed from the map. Thanks!

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