Regarding the landuse=school proposal


Firstly, my apologies for not writing in French.

I have started a discussion on the OpenStreetMap Tagging mailinglist about the landuse=school proposal. It is my understanding that this proposal is used in France, and was probably draft by a Frenchman. Also, actually renders landuse=school, whereas Carto-OSM (the global map) doesn’t because of a lack of documentation and no approval of the proposal.

On the Tagging mailinglist I am looking for a way to move this proposal forward. Perhaps this discussion may be of interest to members of the French community?

The original proposal:

The thread I’ve started on the Tagging mailinglist:

Reproduced here in full for your convenience:


When tagging a school, as per the current documentation, ideally the amenity=school tag is applied to the school grounds, implying its landuse. This works fine for single schools that have their own building, on their own grounds.

However, in many countries schools can share a common campus. To facilitate mapping these, the landuse=school proposal was drafted:

Proposed features/landuse=school - OpenStreetMap Wiki

This allows the mapper to tag the shared grounds as landuse=school, and place the separate schools as nodes or buildings tagged with amenity=school within.

This approach appears to be used quite a lot in France. One example:

Way: ‪Groupe Scolaire Diez-Madigou‬ (‪619185410‬) | OpenStreetMap

As you can see, Carto-OSM refuses to render landuse=school for now:

Add rendering for landuse=school · Issue #3381 · gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto · GitHub> .–

The French OpenStreetMap rendering meanwhile does render it:

Effectively, this means French mappers utilize landuse=school, while the rest won’t for lack of documentation and progress on the proposal.


I’ve encountered a number of cases where multiple institutions related to education share a single campus or area. I’m missing a suitable tag for shared grounds or campuses (which often have their own name).

A common example that is gaining popularity in the Netherlands is having amenity=kindergarten and amenity=school share a building and grounds.

Another example is amenity=university sharing a campus with amenity=college and amenity=research_institute. All distinct educational entities on a single named campus.

For the former example landuse=school seems suitable, but for the latter a more generic landuse seems desirable.

What I want to propose is a landuse=education that can be taken as the most generic form of landuse for educational purposes. This tag is already in use (~500). Here, landuse=education will be similar to how landuse=religious is used for grounds that house multiple amenity=place_of_worship. It can be used for a range for educational amenities, such as school, college, and university.

Then, landuse=school (~5000 in use) can be seen as a more specific form of landuse=education.

Would such a proposal help move this issue forward? Anything that is missing or glaringly wrong? I’ll write up the proposal (subsuming the current landuse=school proposal) and documentation if there is enough support for this.

Kind regards,

Jeroen Hoek

Looks fine to me (I’m the bad guy who added rendering for landuse=school in the french rendering).

Rendering landuse=education the same way will be perfect, and a global edit to replace landuse=school by landuse=education seems ok too.