Removing wrong trees / forests / named nodes in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala?


I stumbled upon a lot of names on the map of Quetzalenango, Guatemala. It turns out that the city has a lot of nodes with “natural=tree” or “natural=wood” which also have names. In a changeset comment I saw that this might be some attempt at organized mapping gone wrong.
In addition to wrong trees / woods, there are also nodes who only have a name tagged, which also fits the pattern. Overpass turbo shows the extent of all those nodes.

I checked the aerial imagery available as well as mapillary for some of those streets. It is definitely bad mapping, there are not this many trees along the roads. It looks as if the waypoints of gpx tracks have been uploaded and turned into “trees” or “woods”.

The mappers who were participating seem to have been active only for a very short time, none have responded to previous changeset comments (all links to HDYC)
Ana Zuñiga
Ixquik Lucia
marvin colocho
Roger Abel
Zelma Sosa

Before I started writing here, I thought I would just ask if I should delete the nodes.
Now I think a complete revert of all the contributions of those users might be better. There have been some attempts to “correct” the natural=woods into natural=trees, but apart from that, I hope there are not too many conflicts. For a complete revert of all their changesets, maybe someone from the Data Working Group has some tools to speed up the process?
(Ping @woodpeck ?)

What do the mappers in LATAM think, just delete all nodes like that, or make a full revert of all the contributions from the accounts above?

Sorry for not writing in Spanish or Portuguese, I hope the translation tool is working fine :slight_smile:

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