Rendering tiles with Mapnik on Windows

Good afternoon,

A few years ago, I had a full set of tiles on Windows, created with osm2pgsql and mapnik

It took me a while to get this working, but I did.

Unfortunately, I had a disk controller die and I lost it, though recovered some… and then a colleague deleted the disk I recovered.

I am trying to recreate the maps, but struggling with finding the instructions I had before. I have my parameters that worked before, but I can’t find the installation or even the installation instructions I had before.

I have imported all the data for my region into PostgreSQL. Had some minor struggle, but all done now.

The import took just over 9 hours for the UK and Ireland. (When I tried to edit the .conf file to improve, then I could not start the postgresql service, so had to leave it at defaults.)

I am now looking to render the tiles. I seem to remember before downloading a Mapnik for Windows, as an exe, however, when I go to the downloads on mapnik website, it is a zip of the source code.

Am I missing something? (well, obviously I am, but I am struggling to find any direction). I need to know what I need to install and where to get it from…

Thanks for your help.

For anyone else struggling with getting Mapnik running with, this is what I had running before and my tiles were created. osm.xml output_osm.xml --host localhost
–user postgres --dbname osm --symbols symbols/ --world_boundaries world_boundar
ies/ --port 5432 --prefix osm --password put_your_password_here

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