Replace certain OSM tags by Wikidata/Wikimedia links

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I agree to both statements. Interlinking open source databases is a great thing and gives access to lots of valuable information. Replacing important tags like “name” in the OSM database by such links is another thing.

Nevertheless there are certain tags which could be understood as redundant information to Wikidata or Wikimedia commons links. One could be the species-tag. Using the species:wikidata tag instead provides a link to the correct species plus additional information:

Anyhow in the wiki it is said that additionally to this link the species-tag should be set. What would be the addtional value by doing so?

Another thing are pix on Wikimedia Commons. In this case the wiki page for key:image encourages the link to a Wikimedia Commons pic or category (with several pix) instead of adding a link by using the tag image=** . Nevertheless I have seen a lot of objects with both. Does that make sense? Would the image=** tag qualify for being removed in such cases, specially if that image is a link to Wikimedia Commons again?

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