"reply" experience on mobile

Can anything be done to improve the website-replying on mobile experience? Right now, on a phone that’s not that old**, it’s dreadful.

There’s a noticeable delay as all the javascript floating windows whizz around. The reply box is placed and sized incorrectly for the screen dimensions so that when the on-screen keyboard appears the bit of the reply box that I actually want to type in isn’t visible.

There’s always the option to turn on emails for everything and reply there, but not everyone will want to do that.

PS: and even on a desktop*** the “reply / create topic / send” button is hidden behind something that wants to tell me the URL of the page that I’m on, and because it’s not a proper window (it’s only Javascript pretending to be one) I can’t move it.

** 4-year-old Nokia 6.1, Android 9, Font size large, display size large, latest Firefox.

*** KDE, Ubuntu 18.04, latest Firefox.

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