Resident parking access=permit (GB)

In the wiki for Street parking - Residential parking permits, parking zones, using permit as an access value is excluded because a ‘resident parking permit is not “routinely granted to everyone requesting it”’.

I am sure that this assertion is true in many countries. It’s certainly true for privately managed street side parking in the UK. This tends to be individually marked bays, often numbered, which the residents will usually pay for.

However, we also have Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) and Resident Parking Zones (RPZ), which usually take the form of parking lanes marked on the carriageway. These zones only restrict parking by the general public during business hours on weekdays, e.g. Mo-Fr 08:00-18:00. A resident will pay a fee to the council which allow them to park anywhere in that zone without being fined.

All residents within the zone, whether they have a motor vehicle or not, are entitled to apply for or buy a number of daily visitors permits, which they may assign to the vehicle of any visitor or tradesperson they wish. People with a short term reason to park within a CPZ/RPZ may also be able to apply to the council for a permit.

This situation is clearly not access=private, as anyone may ask a resident or even the council for a permit and it is routinely granted. What we have is a conditional permit parking restriction, which cannot currently be tagged while following the wiki.

I appreciate that this is a minor parochial issue, perhaps only affecting only a few thousand kilometres of residential highway in the UK.

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